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Business advice offered from concept planning, diversification, stabilisation and growth. Do you require a new business plan to ensure your business will cope with the new demands and realign your budget and cashflows?  With a good budget linked to a great business plan, you can manage your business and measure your performance.

We offer CFO services to monitor the financial health of your business.  We can further assist with applications to financiers for funding, government grants and other business management tools.

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Business Plans

We will review the entity’s business plan to ensure it fits the current economic climate. Business plans need to be reviewed and adjusted to ensure that all applicable external factors are factored in.

Budgeting and Cash flow

As with business plans, budgets and cash flows need to be reviewed continually to ensure that they stay relevant and are an effective tool to manage and measure the organisation’s performance. This should also provide sufficient warning should the cash flow forecast potential problems.

Virtual CFO

We can provide CFO services to an organisation on a part time bases, focusing on:

  • Partake in strategic planning, help converting strategic plans into operational plans, draft budgets, stress testing these plans etc
  • Cash flow planning and assistance with loan applications
  • Reporting and analysis to owner, board and external stakeholders where required
  • Compliance
  • Risk identification and mitigation

Applications for Grants

Identify if the company qualifies for any grants and assist with the applications. Also ensuring that the company keeps sufficient records.

Our Process

Initial Session

We will do an initial review to assist with cash flow and budgeting review, tweaking of business plans and identify potential issues. This process should take about a day.

Monthly Reviews

We will conduct a monthly review to ensure that the business is heading in the right direction. If required, identify areas of further improvement and make the necessary adjustments.

Yearly Planning Session

At year end we will do a review of the current year’s progress as well as compile a strategic plan for the upcoming year.

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Johan du Toit CA (CA ANZ)

Business Advisor

“I have a passion for helping businesses reach their full potential. I have a wealth of experience helping companies in various industries and I apply this knowledge to help my clients make the right decision for their business, whether this is a new start up or an existing business looking to grow.”

Johan du Toit

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