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New Immigrants Network

Auckland - Tuesday 23 July 2019

Hamilton - July 2019

Wellington - Wednesday 3 July 2019

If you would like to join us, please RSVP.

About Our Meetings

We started with a small group of people once a month 8 years ago in Browns Bay, Auckland. Introducing new immigrants to each other for support and getting to know others. It quickly became bigger and bigger with seasoned immigrants looking forward to meeting new immigrants that may need some support.

Once a month we get together for a networking opportunity.  Each month we arrange for speakers to talk about subjects such as real estate, investments and pensions, and many more.  These opportunities are there to help new immigrants understand how things work in New Zealand and who they should best contact.

As a new immigrant, it helps to meet up with other immigrants that have gone through the motions of finding their feet and understanding the culture in New Zealand. These get meet ups have proven to be very useful to new and established immigrants. 

We now have a group in Wellington and Hamilton, Waikato. These meet ups are growing every month and we are pleased to be part of a growing immigrant community in Wellington and Hamilton.

Some feedback from the group:

Thanks for keeping the meetings and for all the support. 

We have been here for a while now so not necessarily related to finding work but we still attend. It is great to meet new people that just arrive and to give some support.

I also forward friends and new arrivals CV’s to Felecia and they always go out of their way to put people in contact with others or looking out work opportunities. They give advice on how everything works in New Zealand.

What I would like to mention is that Eugene and Felecia helped us tremendously when we had a motorbike accident. They went over and above of what was expected. Eugene immediately contacted our insurance companies and got the wheels rolling.

Not only that but we got flowers, visits and emotional support.

We do also find the talks informative as it varies in topics related to us learning how things work in NZ eg, buying a house here is very different than in SA.

Thanks for keeping the meetings and for all the support.

Rachel Atkinson

Not only did they go out their way to extend your network but the moral support is incredible!

I was introduced to Eugene, Felicia and Jacques after being in Nz only a month. At that stage I was still excited, confident and certain I would find a job easily based on my title in sa.

Door after door kept closing and after 3 months I had still not been successful, plenty interviews but no one would give me my gap. From my first meeting at new immigrants network it was unbelievable to see the support from everyone that attended. Not only did they go out their way to extend your network but the moral support is incredible!

Eugene and his family were my absolute rock during one the most challenging times of my life, eugene convinced me to extend my visa and just keep trying.

While sitting having coffee with Eugene he had an idea to contact a connection, made the call right there in the coffee shop, and within minutes I was asked to send my cv and I had my interview the next few days and got the job.

Im so blessed for their ongoing support and encouragement and if it wasn’t for Eugene networking and making that call I would be back in sa.

This group is the key to your new life in Nz, not just networking but to have that support you so dearly need in a new country.

I hope that I can be an encouragement and support to others that join seeing first hand how incredible it is supporting and helping other South Africans.

Eugene, Felecia and Jacques, how truly blessed we all are for you starting this networking and paving the sense of reassurance in new comers.

Looking forward to my new life in Nz and a long relationship with you and the networking group.

Ivandee Fichet

Job Opportunites

We know as new immigrants that getting a job is one of the most important things we would need to do.  Let us know what you do or provide us your CV and we will do our best to put you in touch with the right people.

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Where to Find us: 


2 Glen Rd, Browns Bay, Auckland

Browns Bay Community Centre at 6pm


RSVP for address

2pm Start


27a Mungavin Ave, Porirua East, Wellington

Porirua Community Centre at 6pm


9 Main St, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa, Auckland

Whangaparaoa Library at 6pm 

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