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Protect your Family With Affordable Health Insurance

Protect your Family with affordable health insurance 

Take control of your health and get in contact with us today.

We’ll help you find the right health insurance that suits your lifestyle and budget.

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Here at Network Financial Services we have over 25 years experience in the insurance and finance  industries. We use this experience to give our clients the best advice and professional service that they deserve.   

Here at Network Financial Services we work for you, the client. We are not aligned with any insurance company so you know when you talk to us, you are getting 100% independent advice.

We believe that "Professional Advice Is Always Good Value".

Our Process
1. Assess your needs
2.Present a personalised plan for you
3. Put your plan in place
4. Regularly review your circumstances
5. Support you at claim time

Almost 300,000 people waiting for surgery in 2016


Waiting times have a Significant impact on quality of Life


Average time From First GP Visit to surgery is 177 days

Why do you need health insurance?

An unexpected illness, especially a life threatening illness like cancer or heart disease, can have a devastating effect on yourself or your family, both financially and personally.

Medical insurance gives you control in the types of treatment that you receive and also gives you immediate treatment, this means that you recover faster. The New Zealand public health system provides quality emergency treatment and treatment for serious medical conditions. If your condition is not due to an accident, ACC will not be there to cover the costs. The waiting times for non-urgent medical conditions can be lengthy and this could have a significant impact on your lifestyle and ability to earn. If you were to have a condition which prevented you from working but you were only able to get treatment in 6 months. How would this affect you? Your family? Your finances?

Some Treatments can be expensive: 

  • hospital-o
    $23,000 for Sinus Surgery 
  • hospital-o
    $11,000 for Hernia Repair
  • hospital-o
    $15,000 for Masectomy
  • hospital-o
    $43,000 for Cardiac Ablation

All figures from Sovereign Health Claims Team, 1 July 2014 - 30 June 2015

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