April 29

Do I need Life Insurance?



Do I need Life Insurance?

Do I need Life Insurance?

You might not!

Here are some questions we see online, and in our inboxes too:

“Is life insurance worth getting?”

“Is life insurance a waste of money?”

“Do I need life insurance if I live alone?”

We could be the first financial advisers to say this, but we want to put the idea out there –  that life insurance isn’t for everybody, and having a chat to a financial adviser, is probably well worth your time and effort.

Here is the usual decision-making flow chart you’ll feel like a financial adviser is using while talking to you:

Life Insurance Decision process

If you’ve felt the “hard sell” on insurance before, you’ll know what we mean.  

That flow chart is NOT how you decide upon Life Insurance cover!

Generally, if you have dependents, you should consider Life Insurance. Dependents are people that rely on your financial support, for example – children.

We all have vastly different situations, incomes, debts, and responsibilities, but as a general guide, think about what income would be vital if you were to suffer an early death or disability. 

Don’t assume you DO need life insurance, and likewise, don’t assume you DON’T need life insurance.


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