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AIA Vitality- What is AIA Vitality and how does it work?



What is AIA Vitality?

AIA Vitality is a science-backed health and wellbeing program that helps you get more out of life by motivating you to take control of your health, life, and wellbeing.

You become eligible for AIA Vitality when you are covered under an AIA Health or Life insurance policy(ies).

AIA Vitality is a very simple program to get your head around and use to your advantage. It supports you in making healthy lifestyle choices. It will show you how healthy you are and gives you the tools to improve it straight away. Every AIA Vitality year you start on Bronze status. Throughout the year you gain points simply by going to your GP and dentist for a check up, going for an eye check, burning calories, counting steps, and so much more.

AIA Vitality Points

Each year you start off on Bronze status and as accumulate points you will move to Silver, Gold and finally Platinum status. The higher your status the higher your AIA Vitality rewards will be.

More Points  =  More Status  =  More Rewards


History of Vitality

The Vitality program was started in 1992 by Adrian Gore in South Africa with the Discovery group,  a small insurance group specialising in health insurance with the mission to make people healthier. Since then they have expanded to include but not limited to: Health, Life, Vitality, Life, Collective investments, and Life investment insurance.

Vitality now has over 17 million members in 22 markets.

Back in 2008 Vitality was launched in North America and has since been widely credited with establishing a global wellness movement to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Breakdown Of the AIA Vitality programme

1 – Know your health

AIA Vitality offers a range of assessments and checks to better understand your health and where/how you can improve it:

  • Online and offline health assessments
  • Free annual in-pharmacy health checks
  • Discounts with health professionals
  • Use the AIA Vitality App to track your progress

2 – Improve your health

AIA Vitality sets out to help improve and maintain their members health with physical activities, awarding points for taking part in organised fitness events and with discounts on fitness trackers, active clothing and stop smoking programs:

  • Discounted Garmin, Fitbit, and Samsung fitness devices
  • Free access to Allen Carr’s Quit Smoking and Quit Alcohol programs
  • Weekly personalised physical activity target
  • Access support and rewards for looking after your mental wellbeing
  • Get active and earn an Apple Watch Series in full

3 – Enjoy the rewards

AIA Vitality motivates their members with ongoing rewards, rewards normally increase as members improve their status

  • As an Airpoints Member, earn up to 300 Airpoints Dollars per membership year
  • Earn up to $260 in Active Rewards vouchers per membership year
  • Discounts of up to 50% on spa vouchers and movie tickets (limits and conditions apply)


What is AIA Vitality?

AIA Vitality is a science-backed health and wellbeing program that helps you get more out of life by motivating you to take control of your health, life, and wellbeing.

How much does it cost?

AIA Vitality members will pay just $11.50 per person (including GST) per month, in addition to your monthly insurance premium to access the full program and earn benefits and rewards. The membership fee and policy premium are charged separately. The AIA Vitality membership fee can be paid by either the policy owner or the AIA Vitality member (Life Assured).

Who is eligible for AIA Vitality?

To be eligible to join the AIA Vitality program you must have an AIA Life or Health policy, pay the premium on this insurance policy , be at least 18 years old or reside in New Zealand.

How do you join AIA Vitality?

If you already have a AIA Life or Health policy speak to us at Network Financial Services and we will be able to help you determine if you are eligible to join Vitality. If you don’t have an AIA policy or have a policy with another insurer you can still speak to us and if you are eligible we can help you to get set up.

How do you earn AIA Vitality points?

You earn points by engaging in a number of activities to better understand your health and to improve it. Earn points by doing the online health assessments or going to get a health, dental check up, or vaccination. You can also gain points by counting your steps/calories and participating in organised activities, like marathons.

What can I spend my rewards on?

Active benefits: Retail and Charity Partners, Up to $260 per year for reaching your physical activity level each week.

  • 5 Airpoints Dollars

  • a $5 Countdown, HOYTS, Harvey Norman or Apple iTunes voucher

  • A $5 donation to the Mental Health Foundation of NZ, the Heart Foundation, or Trees That Count


  • Earn an Apple Watch Series 6 GPS, 40mm (RRP $699). Please note if you select this benefit you cannot choose any other $5 Active Rewards benefit.

Entertainment: Up to 50% off HOYTS tickets Maximum 6 per calendar month.

Beauty/Spa: Maximum of 4 vouchers per membership year, at a discount rate based on AIA Vitality status at the timer of purchase: Bronze 20%, Silver 30%, Gold 40%, Platinum 50%

Status Rewards: Earn up to 300 Airpoints Dollars or $300 Countdown gift cards each membership year, for reaching up to 35,000 AIA Vitality points.


AIA Vitality is a personalised science back health and well being program designed for you to get the most out of life and your insurance. Over your Vitality year you are encouraged to know your health with regular check ups to better understand how healthy you are. Improve your health by having access to tools to better track your calories and exercises. Finally reward your health with discounts with reward partners and greater discounts on your premiums to keep you motivated throughout the year. With AIA Vitality the benefits by far out way the costs

Want to find out more?

Get in touch with us and one of our friendly team will walk you through all the ins and outs of Vitality

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